Hi, I'm Hilay!

So happy your intuition led you here, babe. Can’t wait to connect!

A bit about me and what I do…

I am a certified coach & NLP Practitioner, Authentic Relating & Circling Facilitator with a background in Behavioral Psychology. I work with women who want to claim their true feminine power and naturally attract more love and abundance into their lives. 

My own journey started out when I left corporate America in 2016. Until then, my entire life was driven by the “doing.”  I was overworked, uninspired and devalued. I had presumably done everything “right” to get myself to this level of success only to arrive and think, “Now what? Is this really it?”

I felt empty. My mind was anxious and my body was numb. 

I ultimately made a decision that changed the course of my entire life and I didn’t even know it. I spent the next year of my life traveling the world in hopes of finding what was missing. I worked in hostels in exchange for stay, served at local bars & restaurants and led mini tours for backpackers. 

I thought I was on the quest to discover my purpose - what I was supposed to be “doing,” but I ended up finding something far greater.

How to feel the fullness in simply being

How to recognize and own my full-body Yes & No

How to release the “should's” and align with my soul's highest path

How to be a MAGNET for love, money & abundance

How to feel radiantly alive

How to BE LOVE

Since mastering the art of feminine spirituality, I’ve helped hundreds of high-achieving women sync with their intuitive body, gain clarity on their personal truth and finally receive the love & life of their dreams.

Want this for yourself? Apply below and I’ll be be in touch if you’re a fit! 


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