Come home to yourself 

If you're looking for a step by step process to guide you through a transformation into your highest self & soul purpose, then this is exactly what you've been waiting for. Own Your Power a results-focused program designed to help you make the necessary shifts to reach the next level create the life of your dreams. 

I'm All In!

Sick of feeling stuck in the same cycles?

Frustrated by your own self-sabotage?

Tired of not seeing results?

Lacking the motivation to stay consistent?

Wishing you had a clear breakdown so you could finally start living your dream life?


Mhmmm.. I know what that's like, girl


I know what it's like to feel that inner fire, to want more, but wonder if it's really possible

I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by the self-development world

I know what it's like to be FED UP with that that fearful, judgmental, self-sabotaging voice in your head


but I also know what it's like...


to feel FREE to show up as my most authentic self in each moment and every relationship

to align with my soul's true PURPOSE and know my unique place in this world

to receive the guidance and support from the universe as I move through MY divine path

Course Outline


7 weeks of 60-75 minutes video trainings


Guided written and video journals


NLP + emotional embodiment practices  


Energy Healing Meditations 


EXCLUSIVE Facebook Community 


LIFETIME access to program + full access to library of recorded Q&A sessions


Pay in Full



3 Month Plan



Here's whats inside...


Week 1

Who is my authentic self and how can I be her?

How to reveal your truth and fully own it

Authentic connection practice with other women in our sacred circle


Week 2

Deep dive into your divine feminine and how it’s been suppressed

How to understand your unique flow and make the most of it

Awakening your intuition


Week 3

Receive your sign from the universe and trust your divine path

How to interpret signs and recognize alignment

Meet your spirit guide


Week 4

Heal your inner child 

Release self-sabotage and lifelong subconscious blockages

Attune to the voice of your higher self over your inner critic


Week 5

Identifying your unconscious universal mantra and inner resistance

How to shift into receiving mode and become naturally magnetic 

Align with your future self


Week 6

Forgive your past self and honor your soul lessons

Reframing fear of failure and judgement 

Let go of debilitating attachments through deep meditation


Week 7

Uncover your soul's purpose and gain clarity on what you want

How to release anxiety and surrender to the universal flow 

Embody your highest self and show up as her


All that your soul desires is already yours

Ready to attract the life of your dreams?

I'm Ready!