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Let's Get Uncomfy

In this episode, Hilay explains the differences between feminine and masculine energy, how to tap into our feminine energy by using feminine magnetism, and she gives us special tips to start your intuitive journey today! We also dig into understanding the signs our body shows when we are not in alignment with our highest self and the steps we can take to reclaim our power and live the life of your dreams! 

Soul Service Podcast

In this episode we discuss:

What feminine spirituality is

Embodiment practices for feeling your feelings and embracing your feminine energy

What it means to embrace your feminine magnetism

The power of embracing your cyclical feminine nature

How to listen to your feminine needs to embrace receiving, love, and creativity in flow

Wanna Vibe Podcast

Join us today as we chat with feminine spirituality coach, Hilay.  We're going over feminine vs masculine energies, spiritual practices and inner child healing! We loved this conversation SO much that it truly shaped the rest of our day!

Get Your Life Back W/ Dr. Nicole Pain

In this episode, Dr. Nicole Cain, ND MA has a conversation with Feminine Spirituality Coach, Hilay, and her journey towards feminine empowerment and what she is doing to help others reclaim their true self. We go into honoring and connecting with the body, intuition, the power of feminine, and even understanding relationships with the masculine and feminine. 

The Happy Healthy Podcast

In this episode...Guest Speaker Hilay - Feminine Spirituality Coach


Definition of Feminine Spirituality

Tips for diving into your feminine

Where to begin your journey

Tea with Tash Podcast

Spilling the Tea on - she’s a spiritual love coach talking about how to bring all things back to love, a higher self love + all her services that she offered to her clients!

The Shoelace Effect Podcast

This episode features Hilay, a spiritual love coach is here to help us identify self sabotage, define spirituality, and gives us tools we can all use to start living our lives for ourselves.

The Beauty of You Podcast

Host Kayla is joined by Spiritual Love Coach Hilay for an inspiring conversation about everyday hustle, avoiding burnout, and honoring our feminine essence to align with our highest self. Connect with Hilay on Instagram, join her FREE Women’s Community, or work together 1:1. Thank you for tuning in!.

Enthusiastically Spiritual

In this episode I interview Hilay Farooq. Hilay is a feminine spirituality coach and currently works with female entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, and women who are ready to fully claim their authentic power.

Recovering Perfectionist

In this episode, Christine chats with Hilay, a feminine spirituality coach as they discuss self-awareness, investing in yourself, facing your fears and understanding your intuition..

Questionable Decisions Podcast

YOU GUYS!! Do you ever get those gut feelings you just can't ignore? Because SAME.On this episode we have a soul lifting chat with an incredible Spirituality Coach, Hilay Farooq! We discuss recognizing your intuition and how to use it.

Women Next Door

The first EVER english episode is out now! Hilay was my guest. As an expert of feminine spirituality and feminine magnetism she talked to me about intuition, our deepest wisdom, and how to reconnect with it. Furthermore she pointed out the difference between fear and discomfort and explained how to be a magnet for everything you ever dreamed of.

You are dreaming of purpose, a new job, a loving partner or friendships on a soullevel?

Her Side Hustle Podcast

In this episode you'll learn:

  • What feminine spirituality is and how to apply it to your own life
  • How to connect with your intuition, receive guidance from the universe/your higher self
  • How to tap into your unique feminine magnetism
  • How to re-wire fear & self sabotage through your body's natural cycle
  • How to break through toxic patterns through emotional release and healing

Twenty and Trying Podcast

This week we are all about finding our ~inner femininity~ and who is helping us do this? This week’s guest, Hilay Farooq, a feminine magnetism expert who also coaches women on how to self-align and use magnetism to attract your innermost desires.

In this episode, we chat with Hilay about finding your purpose in life and how to achieve what you really want out of life - even if it’s not what you think you want. Charlotte and Peyton get to enjoy some free therapy from Hilay, while listening to her soothing voice. Honestly, she should be on the Calm app.

I'mPossible Podcast

Sociologist Inse de Wit and teacher Marlot van der Goot share an interview they did with Hilay Farooq ( Hilay is a feminine spirituality coach. She helps women around the world do less and naturally attract more love and abundance. Hilay shares practical knowledge on connecting to your intuition and finding your inner guidance, while having fun and leaning into joy and what feels good.

The Compassionate Creative

In this episode:

-her journey from corporate America to becoming a feminine spirituality coach

-how the multiple decisions or “pivots” she made (to travel, quit her job) got her to where she is today

-her work to help women step into their “authentic power” and what it means when they truly tap into their own feminine magnetism

-she shares her ‘video journaling’ tool that has helped her clients to create a safe container to unload their thoughts, then check in after stepping away from it to physically witness themselves transforming

-when she is working with her clients, how she gets herself more into her feminine energy in order to support her creativity in sessions (through things like working out, dance and cooking)

-the importance of going inwards in order to be of service to others

-her goal to awaken the spark in the individuals she works with through unpacking the darkness and heaviness they’ve been carrying around

Twenty Fun Podcast

Discovering Feminine Spirituality with Hilay!

Worth the Hype

This week we got to chat with Hilay, a feminine Spirituality coach who helps women claim their authentic power✨

Hilay shares her story about quitting her job in the corporate world & finding herself while travelling the globe. She has since not only found her power, but has also started a business mentoring other women to do the same!🌎

We chat all about how truly powerful feminine spirituality is, as well as the truth behind self-sabotage & the reasons your manifestations may not be coming to life!💫

This episode is all about not waiting for ‘Friday’,  following your intuition to pivot & having a different perspective on the spiritual side of self-care.

Unapologetically Abundant

The One thing she wants people to know about her: All I am is ME

On this episode:

I reached levels of anxiety and numbness that I couldn’t carry with anymore

We hustle and are massive go-getter yet never feel fulfilled

Allow yourself to feel your feelings first

Know what your NO’s are

Checking in how are you internally feeling

Act on the NO

Start with smaller patterns like how is your day structured

What would make you feel the most alive?

The more that I show up as myself the more clients come

The more I honor myself and take care of me the better match I am for my clients

Sharing my life authentically attracted the abundance into my life

How would I describe feminine:

Pleasure, feeling, embodying love, eternal love, teaches us BEing, she is the light


Etta Arlene's SpiritCast

In today's episode, we are joined by Hilay who specializes in "Feminine Magnetism". We have a chat about getting into flow, the importance of understanding your internal guidance system, and becoming a magnet for all that you desire.